Something a Little Different

My radio shows are almost always specialist music shows and very tightly playlisted. I work hard at balancing cutting edge new releases with classics/floor-fillers (depending on the genre!) and my links are generally geared towards informing listeners about the artists, upcoming tours, and stuff relevant to whatever scene is represented by my audience.

Sometimes I think I use that as a crutch – by focusing on the music I don’t have to reveal so much of *myself.* After all, if someone doesn’t like the playlist that’s a matter of taste and totally fair enough. If someone doesn’t like my personality when I’m doing a speech-based entertainment show then… Well… That’s *me* they don’t like.

This week I did a one-off Sunday evening show on A1Radio. The Sunday Selection is hosted by various presenters on the station, and is something of a request show (although the host can take it in any direction they like). I decided to rock up without doing much in the way of prep and just see what happened. And what happened was… Lots of fun! The show ended up going down a 90’s pop music avenue and I chatted off the top of my head about my memories of going to Party in the Park in Brighton and how – beneath this gothic exterior – I have an extensive knowledge of 90’s pop trivia. I really enjoyed interacting with the listeners in the chat room. I usually get feedback about the music I play (“CHOOOON”) but this time I was getting (positive!) comments about my sense of humour and being complimented for being warm and articulate. By the end of the show several listeners were asking when I’d be doing it again!

TL;DR It’s good to get out of your comfort zone sometimes.


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