Great North Run 2014

In the summer of 2014 I took part in the biggest live outside broadcast I’ve done to date!

Radio Tyneside were covering the Great North Run 2014. The road our studio is on is thronged with runners and spectators on their way to the starting line every year. I was part of the roving reporter team ready to intercept the costumed charity fun runners on their way to the starting line 🙂

It was a day of new experiences for me, as I tackled the technological challenges of battery-powered radio mics, and had to accost strangers in the street and interview them off the cuff. Thankfully both the microphone and the runners were well-behaved.

The broadcast was a huge success, and ended up winning the 2015 Hospital Radio Broadcasting Award for Special Event Programming. The picture above shows Radio Tyneside presenters Emil Franchi, Tony Sloan, Tamsin Robson, Dave Nicholson MBE and Geoff Lisle accepting the award.


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