Baby’s First Rat Race

When I started improv classes with Improvisation Foundation I set myself a goal. I wanted to build up my confidence enough to get on stage and compete in Rat Race.

Rat Race is an improv tournament held every month or so in Newcastle. Two teams play a series of games and scenes and are given points by judges in the audience. Then one player (from either team) is chosen as King or Queen Rat by the audience, and gets to wear a hat with funny ears and gains bragging rights as Newcastle’s Favourite Improv Comedian (Of That Particular Month).

Having seen the wonderful Anna Jenner take home the Queen Rat crown (the first woman to do so in the show’s 10-year history!!) the month before, I was fired up to give it a go myself.

I was nervous, but everyone was so supportive that I soon relaxed into it. I got my first big laugh of the night as a Hammer Horror astronaut (“Oh no! My breasts have got bigger!”) and finished the show with some lustful washing up.

My team won the race and team captain Jon Farthing (a regular performer with group Spontaneous Wrex as well as a stand up comedian) was crowned King Rat. Despite not claiming the Queen Rat title I made it down to the final three audience favourites, which I think is a great achievement for my very first show 🙂

It’s been a loooooong time since I was on a stage but, god damn, I love it, and I can see this becoming a regular thing


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