Audio: Three Ways to Say Milk

I’ve lived in Tyne and Wear for 10 years now, but I was born in Sussex and grew up in the South East. Despite getting to the point where I sometimes think in Geordie, my accent remains pretty southern.

One tell tale sound in my accent is the way I pronounce the letter “l” in words like “milk.” You can hear this clearly when I say “walk” and “talk” – in fact, I remember being teased as school for this.

My mum lives in north London with her three children (my half-siblings) and it’s a delight to hear them pronouncing “l” the way I do in casual speech. I tweeted about this and a friend asked “how many ways are there to pronounce milk??”

So I recorded this clip to illustrate the difference 🙂

(If your device cannot display the embedded audioBoom player please click here for audio)

(Featured image by Mark Hillary via Flickr, released under Creative Commons)


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