Queen Rat!

January was book-ended by appearance at The Cumberland Arms! I started the month (and the year) DJing at The Suggestibles’ New Year show and I finished it on-stage as part of the Improvisation Foundation Rat Race.

Rat Race is an improv tournament held roughly once a month in Newcastle. Two teams of improvvers get together and play various games and challenges. The audience then gives performers points for entertainment value, and at the end of the night they cheer for their “favourite” performer of the show and the person with the loudest applause is crowed King or Queen Rat.

So, the title of this post may have given it away… I was crowned Queen Rat! It was my third time playing Rat Race, and I’m only the third woman to win the crown in the show’s 10 year history. So I’m pretty chuffed with that 🙂


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