#SRACon 2016

I had an amazing time at the Student Radio Conference this year!

It was hosted by XpressRadio from the University of Cardiff, and they were wonderful hosts. When I was Station Manager at NSR we hosted #SRACon 2014, so I know how exhausting the process is!

Highlights included meeting and speaking to one of my podcasting heroes – Olly Mann of Answer Me This! – and finally making the acquaintance of the prodigiously talented producer (and student radio superfan) Tim Johns.

Demo Factor was epic, as always. One of my fellow Sparkies had his demo selected and played out – and he’d only finished editing it in the car on the way down! Chris Boyle hosts a show called Everything House on Spark and he’s known for his infectiously energetic presenting style and Scottish accent. His demo went down a storm and generated lots of interest from industry figures in the audience… Culminating in the offer of a pilot show at Capital Scotland!


Photo credit: Peff Soulsby. Me with the man o’ tha moment: Chris Boyle of Everything House.

OK, so you might have noticed the photo at the top of this post. That fat lass in the dress is me, on stage at the I Love Student Radio Awards. What’s going on there? Well, to my absolute astonishment I won Voice of the Awards! This means that I’ll be doing the “and the nominees are…” voiceover at the National Student Radio Awards in London in November!

I’ve entered the Voice of the Awards competition before and not been shortlisted, so I genuinely didn’t expect anything to come of it this time. I very nearly didn’t bother entering, so imagine my complete surprise at hearing my name read out!

Me and my male counterpart Max were interviewed by the SRA for a behind-the-scenes podcast. You can hear a slightly tipsy Peff below.

If the above embedded clip doesn’t load, you can find the audio at https://audioboom.com/boos/4375791-voice-of-the-awards-sracon?t=0


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