AUDIO: Heart Radio Demo

I’ve been very lucky this week to receive some newsreader coaching from the fabulous Anna Harding, Regional News Editor for Global Radio – Yorkshire and North East.

She gave me some incredibly valuable feedback on my voiceover and some tips on how to keep the energy up!

My natural style is quite neutral, relaxed and formal. Which is probably why I get so many comments about having a ‘BBC voice’ or a ‘GPS voice’… or that I sound like a computer!

Anna explained that for a station like Heart I needed to be more expressive, and that raising my energy levels would increase the warmth in the sound of my voice. We talked a bit about the performative quality of newsreading and how to vary your intonation to guide the listener through a bulletin.

After the coaching session I recorded the bulletin below, using a backing bed, audio clips and script from the 12 noon bulletin on Thursday 14 April 2016. (Just to be completely clear, this bulletin was not broadcast and is for demonstration purposes only).

If the embedded audio above doesn’t play on your device you can also hear it at


I can certainly hear the difference in my delivery – compare that to my previous Smooth Radio demo bulletin. I worked hard to raise the energy levels, but I could definitely push it even further, so that’s something I’ll continue to work on. My intonation is less monotonous but could definitely be varied even more. Anna also mentioned that I over-enunciated some words and that I should relax more to sound more conversational.

As well as areas to work on Anna also gave me some wonderful feedback about the quality of my natural voice, saying that I was very easy to listen to with a really pleasant tone. I left the session feeling enthusiastic and excited! Overall it was an incredible experience, and I was so grateful to Anna for taking the time to work with me.




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